Our Services


1. Project management: - Rolling stock
2. Locomotive Overhaul & Modernization: We do refurbishment and modernisation of locomotives in a cost effective and technologically advanced way to ensure that our client get their locomotives back on track in the shortest possible times.
3. Accident repair: We repair locomotives after accidents on behalf of our clients.
4. Locomotive Fleet Assessment: Through our years of experience in the industry, we do assessments of entire locomotive fleets and advise our clients on the most efficient ways of operating their fleet and a thorough analysis of their operations
5. Failure Analysis: Using our detailed engineering analysis tools, we are able to ascertain the causes of failures in the running of locomotives and advise on corrective actions.
6. Facility studies: Studies conducted on the facilities of client and advise on best practice
7. Maintenance planning and Maintenance EMD & GE
8. Parts procurement planning and supply: We assist clients with planning for the procurement of locomotive parts and help sharpen their procurement practices in order to improve efficiencies
9. Training Department Design: We assist clients with the design of their training departments in order that they comply with the highest industry standards and improve the bottom line
10. Component rebuild and new components supply: We rebuild components and source new components for our clients
11. Refurbishment of locomotives: We have deep technical knowledge of locomotives and their refurbishment


Model specific courses (EMD & GE)
26L/30CDW, 28LAV Epicand CCB Air brake
Various Railway Electronics courses
Mobile, wrecking, and overhead crane training


- Needs Assessment
- Procedural Guides
- Programme Evaluation
- Apprentice Programs
- Job Aids
- CBT Development/ E LEarning
- Electrical Technical Publication Library
- Train the Trainer
- Custom Development
- Media Production

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